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Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rugs, Wool Rugs & More

oriental-rug-cleaning-nyArea rugs, which are often Oriental or wool rugs, are more than just decoration. Many of them are keepsakes, part of a collection, or worth a significant amount of money. Some are even investments, becoming more valuable with time. Certainly, however, owners still want to get use out of them. As a result, area rugs are often subject to the dirt that comes with use, whether they are expensive or not.

Our Long Island area cleaners at King Steam provide the following:

  • Expertise Area rugs are often brightly colored and handmade with specific materials. Professional rug cleaners know these materials, and they know how to clean them without making the colors run or fade. They also know how to clean area rugs without being abrasive and damaging the fibers.
  • Deep clean Because area rugs are typically woven, there are layers where dirt and debris can hide. A professional cleaning will give rugs a deep cleansing so that trapped dirt cannot continue to rub against the material, which can cause it to slowly wear away.
  • Cost-effectiveness There are many jobs that can easily become successful, money-saving do-it-yourself projects. Rug cleaning is not one of those jobs, as the task requires special equipment or products. Consumers often pay for full containers of rug cleaner when they only need a cup or less. And to make matters worse, those cleaners are often not even specialized to the types of rug they have. Even when consumer chooses to rent rug cleaners, the costs add up. Professionals, on the other hand, already have the equipment and product needed to get the job done.

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There is no doubt that it is easier and safer to have a professional clean your area rug. Doing the job yourself is not worth the risk of damaging the piece or wasting money. Would you like a free estimate on our area rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services in Long Island? If so, contact us today at (877) 339-5464.

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