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Water Damage

Repair & Restoration in Long Island


Flooding and household fires are two of the major causes of household water damage. Unfortunately, fabrics, wood, and other home surfaces that are exposed to large amounts of water not only present an unsightly appearance, they can pose significant health and safety threats to household occupants. At King of Steam, we offer Long Island carpet cleaning and water damage restoration to prevent further hazards.

Water damage can cause the following issues:

  • Mold spores can quickly infest carpets that have become waterlogged due to flooding or water that is used to put out a household fire.
  • Some types of mold can cause severe allergic reactions in both human beings and their furry friends.
  • Senior citizens and children are particularly vulnerable to illnesses caused by exposure to certain types of mold spores, and some cases can become so serious that hospitalization is required.

Water damage can’t be repaired using over-the-counter products and amateurish techniques. Although many believe that the problem is solved once affected carpeting and other areas dry out, the opposite is actually true. Allowing the water to dry naturally creates an environment that is extremely conducive to the growth of mold spores and other fungal infestations. Our professional carpet cleaning team has the tools and techniques to safely restore your carpets to the state they were in prior to the water damage.

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