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Drying wet walls and other hard surface materials is now possible… injecta-dry-long-island-ny

Not all walls are same every situations is different. Using the best way to for each situation is key. Sometimes the walls can be completely dried intact. Other times we have to remove all of the wet surfaces. Knowing how to dry each situation makes the difference.

wall-drying-in-long-island-nyMold can grow undetected behind the sheetrock and cannot be seen. Hidden mold is the real problem in drywall walls. We specialize in many methods for saving the damaged walls. After a thorough inspection we will recommend the best method with you as to the best way your damp walls should be dried out.

Here at King of Steam cleaning & restoration, we use Injectidry's High Pressure drying system which allows us specifically to target high risk areas of hidden moisture such as: walls and ceilings even those coated with watertight finishes, like PVA paint and vinyl wallpaper coverings, double-sheeted fire walls, party walls, sound barriers, insulation, walls behind cabinets and fixtures and floors.

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